Conroy Hockey, Introduction

Coach Conroy has been teaching kids since Spring 2006 in both Hockey and Floor Hockey out of Chestermere, Alberta.

At Conroy Hockey we focus on teaching 3 things:

  1. Actual Hockey SKILLS, Skating, Shooting/Scoring, Passing, Stickhandling and Intensity in an upbeat environment.
  2. A proper work ethic and that hard work is fun!
  3. Good manners, respect and discipline. Coach will discipline your kids as they need if that scares or offends you we aren’t for you. Well behaved kids learn faster and the classes are more fun when everyone pulls together.

We are indeed old school and the kids love it and BENEFIT from it! We reward them when they have earned it and we readily correct their behavior when they earned that also.

Teaching kids to be better hockey players and better kids is simply our passion, Conroy Hockey is the personification of tough love!

It is proven that practise is 11 times more valuable than a game for learning actual skills and kids love to work hard in the right environment.

All practices are led by Coach Conroy.

Our coaching leaders are:

  • Dez Robinson
  • Jamestown Jimmies
  • Ryan Conroy
  • AJHL Fort McMurray

Our coaching leaders

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We invite you to compare our prices, sorry we don’t have anyone famous here (famous people will never discipline your kids) we just have coaches who believe in the same things and that care about your kids enough to keep them focused.

What you can’t compare is how we don’t waste time on the ice. Also we guarantee you will get more ice time than you pay for EVERY YEAR. Please be ready early as 75% of the time you can get on the ice before practice starts. Whenever I can I will extend the ice times as much as possible.

You wont get a sweat suit, sorry. We don’t waste your money on things you don’t need. The kids will get a sweater and you will get a better kid!