Since 2006 I have taught or coached over 2200 children in Chestermere and the surrounding areas in Hockey, Floor Hockey and Baseball. Kids have travelled well over 1 hour each way to skate with me and all find my camps to offer excellent value.

So far I have taught up to 4 different kids from the same family and offer discounts for multiple kids (don’t you wish Minor Hockey would do that?)

My best students are Ryan Conroy, 14 and Treydon Brien, 9.

I taught both of them to skate and have been teaching them ever since.

Many of the kids I have taught have gone on to play the highest levels of hockey.

In this year (2016) AAA Bantam group I have taught 8 different kids on currently playing on 3 different teams.

I lead every class and we teach to a level beyond what they are at now so naturally they improve each week.

We raise the bar, we challenge them, encourage them, push them and they LOVE IT.


To simply make your child a better hockey player with a GRReat attitude and a GRReat love for the game.


By employing and infusing our core values, coaching and leaders in a variety of DEVELOPMENT focused products and services we shall make your child, a GRReater, GRRittier, Hockey Player with a GRReat attitude.