Coach Conroy 6 things you can do to make your child a better hockey player that costs nothing.

HI all, I have been around great hockey players for decades and teaching kids for a long time.  Here are 5 things that you can do that cost nothing but time, time that you will spend with your kids.

Yes kids have changed, certainly not for the better, but what has not changed is the demands of a top athlete in fact those demands have gotten harder.

Not every kid needs to be the best but every kid should try to be the best they can be, why except anything less?

  1. Strength and physical fitness. OMG most kids today are WEAK! The single easiest thing that you can change to make your child better is to make them stronger. How?

    1. Walks that involve hills to strengthen legs. Sprint up hills!!!
    2. Squats & lunges 2 sets of 25 (a total of 50 squats and 50 lunges) 3 days a week will matter allot.

      1. Walks that involve hills to strengthen legs. Sprint up hills!!!
      2. Squats & lunges 2 sets of 25 (a total of 50 squats and 50 lunges) 3 days a week will matter allot.
    3. Also do your heel raises.

    4. Pushups I recommend 5 different types of pushups that work different parts of your upper torso.

      1. 5 x 10 then 5 x 11 increase until you can do 5 x 20, 3 days a week.

    5. Sit-up/Core all of your power comes from your core, the ber your core the better the athlete you are simple as that.

      1. Do a minimum of 2 x 25 ideally 4 x 25 core exercises.

  2. LISTEN. The best players share this trait.  They listen to their coaches.  Listening is a life skill, it is needed throughout life get started early.  A good listener is also a pleasure to coach.
  3. BE TOUGH. You want a fact?  Your child is as tough or weak as you make them or allow them.  If they are constantly “hurt”, constantly defeated, constantly lying on the ice they are not going to be as successful as the other kids.  Mental toughness is everything, the ability to get up and shake it off.  Coaches don’t like babies no one does!Weak players detract from everything and reduce the effectiveness of the team, do yourself and your child a favor and create a tough kid.  I don’t mean a bully I mean a kid that leads and helps others.
  4. WORK HARD, TRY YOUR BEST. Yes kids should play and they should play outside with sticks and dirt and rocks and cardboard boxes, these are wonderful parts of our childhood.But at proactive they should TRY, they should FOCUS they should WANT to be the best, they should care about what it takes to win or to lose and they should know the difference.Losing is fine, there are always winners and losers.  Losing when you don’t give 100% is not fine.  Teach your kids to TRY to compete and to lose with grace and to win with grace.Are you on a bad team?  OK how does that make you worse?  It doesn’t!  You can still learn and grow and develop.

    Almost every player in the NHL was the best player on their team which means the rest of the team was worse.  They succeeded and showed continuous improvement “despite” their team.  So can you!

  5. LEADERSHIP. Be the first, take risks, show others how to do it.  Be the best kid on the ice.  Don’t be a follower, don’t be bullied, be a leader!  Be Polite, be respectful be GOOD.  Ask questions, be curious, think!
  6. HELP OTHERS. Hockey is a team sport, help and support your team mates, help them in everything that you can!  Help the coach!  Trust me every Coach has favorites for good reason!

All of these traits are what the best kids share and they don’t cost a dime to achieve and you will not only have better players but you will have better kids.